“Nobody can be free if forced to be similar to others”
Oscar Wilde


The creative couple


Simone Pigozzo and Cristina Schiavinato

More than 30 years ago, we gave birth to our creature… We have collaborated with many designers and helped many people to create the house of their dreams. It has been great to help them discover their own style.

Love at first sight


When we saw it, we immediately understood that it was special and that it would become our new home.

The last villa

Terraglio and the Venetian hinterland in a map by Antonio Vestri (1709).

The last Villa del Terraglio: the street of great villas.

The symbolic value


It awaits you at its doors and reminds you of the value of its history and its people.

The inspiration


The early 1900’s Art Nouveau building inspired our new idea.

The new dream


A new idea of space to give birth to the projects of tomorrow.

Two spaces in relation


The synergy between the space where things are done and experimentation takes place creates newer and newer designs.

The space of thought


Design table – Showroom

The modern building represents the point of contact between the past and present, between power and action, between an idea and matter.

The style incubator


Design table – Liberty House

The Art Nouveau building is the place where creative thought flows freely. Three floors where to live an experience of formal eclecticism.

The beginning of a new story


Project rendering

Not a point of arrival, but an exciting new chapter in the life of AD.